Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am only human so therefore I am bound to make mistakes, who are you to judge me?
I know what it is that I want, I know how to get there, I know what it takes, I know what I want to be!
Are you mad because I am being me? Are you mad because your hating does not affect me? Then you should be!
I now know that hate is the new love and love is the new hate. Because if you really loved me then you would try never to hurt me.
I been been there for you since day one but after your success you seem to forget that.
That's okay because there's a such thing as karma and she isn't always nice.
You brushed me off, threw me away and you didn't even think twice.
Now that I've made it without you and you see what a good woman you had...it's too late now.
You should have never left me, slept around on me, or disrespected me...now we can never be...

*just my thoughts right now*